My Journey Starts!

Ok, ready, set, let’s go!!!!!! My journey began on 7/6/18 while one night I was sitting at my computer on Pinterest. I somehow ended up coming across info on blogging. I personally didn’t think that people did that anymore, but boy, I was wrong. I saw that I could start a personal journal of sorts and maybe just maybe someone could read something that I could potentially write and it would be of some help. I am also fascinated by people how they operate, sometimes that could be negative and sometimes positive. I guess you can call me an optimist, I am hopeful that I will find the good in others. I have lived long enough to know that some people may only be in your life for a season. I try to learn a lesson or two on the journey. As I sit to find out what makes life great, what can I say or do to pour into people, what they do great,  and celebrate that? I am aware that life is not always a celebration. I am hoping that this blog will give me the platform to explore that. I am not a fashion this, makeup that, chef this, super mom that. I am just who I am and I try to treat others the way I want to be treated. In addition, I felt sorta stuck and needed to keep life moving and not feel stagnant. At times I can be a procrastinator, no really. This blog will challenge me to do things and I don’t normally do and blogging is definitely one of them. I think it’s a little easier, at least for me, to communicate in this written form than to speak in public. However, speaking for me, to a group of people is a bit nerve-wracking. This is definitely an exercise to stretch my boundaries. I am a little excited as to where this will take me. I don’t know if people will love what I write or even read it for that matter. I don’t consider myself a good writer, but I hope to reach someone. I look forward to new things, better things, great things, and I know that God will open doors for me. Yes, I am a person of faith and I believe in God. I also know that God has a plan for my life. I am just grateful that I am along for this journey. I want to garner my greatness and I am also interested on how you garner yours. Let the journey begin!


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