Nellie and Maggie’s Granddaughter

My maternal grandmother is Nelli Glass and my paternal grandmother is Maggie Garner. Unfortunately both are no longer with us. These women were the matriarch of their families. My parents have huge families Nelli had 15 children and Maggie had 10 children. All grew up in the south and both loved God. They raised their children with the best they had and pulled their resources together to make it work. They had superpowers I don’t think I can duplicate. As I look back they had such a presence in their homes and I miss them dearly. I honor them by being the vision that I am sure they dreamed of. Not by being that awesome, but being a positive woman who keeps her faith at heart. See my grandmother’s grew up in the segregated south where I know a women’s role was not always celebrated. Women could not voice their own opinions without “being sassy”, be the homemaker, and stay in the background. Thank God times have changed. My grandmother Maggie was blind and it always amazed me how this lady would show me how to pick green beans from her garden and would show me how to “snap them peas right”. She would also cook on a gas stove, frying chicken at that. I swear I would sit at the kitchen table and thinking to myself, why isn’t someone helping her and Lord she going to burn down the house. I wish that both of these women were around now so that I could celebrate them. I would get more grandma hugs & kisses. Even though they are not here I still can celebrate their life by helping to celebrate other women. How do you celebrate the women in your life? Here are 5 ways that you can celebrate the women in your life. Don’t wait for them to depart this life without you letting them know how much they are loved and admired.


  • Make a phone call and let her know you love her.
  • Spend some time with her. I know we are always busy, but sometimes that face to face human connection speaks volumes.
  • Write a note or send a card. With this social media age, we loose that connection. Take the time to write down how much that special person in your life is appreciated.
  • Plan a day to spend together. I know that money can be tight or it may not be an issue for you at all. Plan that simple coffee shop date, movie, or mall crawl.
  • Surprise her with flowers, sweet treats, smell goods, or small gift.

I plan on doing the same with the women in my life. Show your greatness!, It’s in you.


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