5 Songs that Sure Got Your Attention On Relationships Sung by Aretha Franklin


This song everyone knew even if you never heard of a Aretha Franklin. She was the original “put some respect on my name”. She was trying to relay that whatever you doing out there in the streets, when you come home you better give me some respect. She told this man, I am about to give you all my money, plus the honey. Apparently he kept doing the same thing and she got tired, real tired. In relationships, if you not getting the respect that you deserve, then why do you stay? What holds you there?  Is the love that good that it cripples you? I know all of us can attest to staying in a relationship when you not given your props or it’s just toxic. Your self-worth is more than that. When your self-esteem is low, this a set up for all kinds of craziness. It sets the tone on how your partner will treat you and it’s a relationship killer. At the close of the song Aretha let him know, that if you can’t respect all this, you going to find me GONE. Peace and hair grease!

Do Right Women, Do Right Man

Well we back at the same message. The title says it all. If you want me to do right, then I hope you doing the same thing. Some relationships may often be unbalanced. If you in a monogamous relationship and we are supposed to only belong to one another, then why you out here playing around. If the shoe was on the other foot, then you wouldn’t want the dirt to be done to you. Aretha referenced, she is flesh and blood just like a man. Meaning, I bleed just like you bleed, I hurt just like you hurt. She still asking for respect in this song, even if the temptation is there.

A Natural Women

This song right here!!!! When things done went wrong in the relationship and you find someone that makes you feel like a natural women, ladies!!!. I recently really listened to the lyrics of this song when I found out about her passing and Aretha was in her feeling on how this new found love made her feel. “You were the key to my peace of mind”, that’s how a relationship should feel. You don’t want to be in a relationship and your partner feels draining to you. Draining your mind, body, and spirit. The person should be that comfort for you, the person you can go to, to connect with. Aretha said her soul was in the lost and found and he came along and Claimed It! I don’t know how you feel about that, but honey let me tell you………… you came along and claimed it…………your kiss helped me named it. Enough said!



Day Dreaming

Okay ladies, just in case if you didn’t feel it in A Natural Women, Aretha just gave it to you again  in this song. When he takes you to that place where you catch yourself daydreaming about that good love he gives you. He is your love, friend, protector all in one. You enjoy sharing your love and mutual respect for one another. Aretha said when he is “love starved” , she will be there to feed it. Come on now! This old school music is what I miss, this is good stuff! Sometime you have to reflect back a little to hear what good music is, not to say we don’t have good music today, but you know what I mean.

robert-koorenny-562613-unsplash (1)

You Grow Closer

I  know I just touched on  other songs that have to do with romantic relationships that Aretha sung, but I would be remiss if I did not talk about her first love. Her love for God. Aretha was first known for her singing in the church, belting out gospel songs that could be heard outside the church walls.  She started out singing in her father’s church, New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan. She started out singing as a young girl and this laid her foundation as the Queen of Soul. It’s no doubt that she earned that title as a gifted singer. However, she definitely never forgot her true roots in the church. In fact, she went on to record one of her top selling albums Amazing Grace in 1972. She was even the first female artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.

Her song You Grow Closer is talking about her growing closer to God. It also references communing with God. This means to communicate with God in prayer. Sometimes we forget to pray or set that time to talk with God. I know days get busy, but you can pray anywhere at anytime. In the song it says “just steal away in secret and pray”. That’s the beauty in relationship with God and you can have the same. So with that being said may the Queen of Soul rest in peace and her music live on.

Don’t forget to Rock Steady ya’ll while Respecting yourselves because you are a Natural Women who if you live long enough A Change is Gonna Come. That’s how you garner your greatness.

Yolanda ♥


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