We will not forget!


I remember 9/11  like it was yesterday. I was living in North Carolina at the time and was getting ready for work that morning. I was in my bathrobe moving about my apartment and getting my daughter ready. I always had the news on, sometimes I  just buzzed about not paying attention to what the news anchor was saying. However, I heard that unique tune, whenever there was breaking news.  I remember a friend coming to my door at that same time to drop her son off and she said “did you see what happened on TV” and I said “no”.  I promptly turned my attention to the news and sat on my couch. At that time I saw the plane hitting the Twin Towers. Clearly in my mind I thought surely this was a mistake because being from New York I’ve never seen a airplane fly that low and close into the city, so I thought it was mistake. This tragedy quickly turned into a horror show. I quickly got ready for work. I dropped my daughter off  to day care and got into the office. By the time I got to the office there was chaos on the TV and on the radio. I tried to call my parents office in New York to get an update as to what’s going on in the city, but I couldn’t get through. No matter who I called in New York I could not get through. I started to panic, why I don’t know , because I knew my parents and my family lived on Long Island, but I panicked anyway. I found out later that they were all okay, but some how I knew someone else couldn’t say the same.

Today marks the 17th anniversary (9/11/18) of this tragedy that we all witnessed here in the United States.The world was watching with us. No matter what your views are on it, on who did it, where this originated from, who masterminded it,  the bottom line is on that day something terrible was etched out in history. I don’t know if you have a birthday on that day, a passing of a loved one on that day, or even a wedding anniversary on that day, 9/11 will not be the same. The tragedy of that day will overshadow many of these events unfortunately. I know the media is setting up television coverage of the memorials from New York to Washington DC today. I didn’t know anyone personally that suffered a loss of life in the Twin Towers or surrounding area but I do know many of those who were first responders to that area. You can look at this day in two different ways, one as a horrific tragedy or two as time when we came together and these extra ordinary heroes who  helped during this time. Many of these first responders did not make it out alive and some have died of  illnesses related to 9/11. Whatever you choose to focus on, the events of that day We Shall NEVER Forget. I often say to my family that we rarely get together unless it’s a wedding or death. Never the less we come together.  As a personal reflection on that day I think about how the United States came together. 9/11 definitely had some impact, what a impact!  I’m not going to focus on the negative on this post today but rather focus on the positive and the  many great individuals, who on that day, sacrificed themselves, sacrifice their time,  and continue to make unimaginable sacrifices to this day. My takeaway, focusing on the positive, is that it was a time to heal, pray, comfort, cry, remember and help. The simplicity of these words and the actions behind it is so powerful. According to Webster’s Dictionary,

Heal- to become healthy again, to make whole

Pray– pray to God with adoration, confession, supplication, or thanksgiving

Comfort– to give strength and hope to

Cry– to utter loudly, shed a tear

Remember- to bring to mind

Help- to give support


I’ve never seen the entire US come together as such a time as this tragedy. Sometimes in my heart I feel that humanity has to get back to that place where we care, where we love one another, and that we care about the human race. I just wanted to end by giving thanks to all the service men and women , police, first responders who serve this country and sacrifice themselves on a daily basis.

What do you remember on this day? What was your takeaway from this tragic attack? How do you deal with times like this?

I would love to hear from  you. Have a Great day!

Yolanda ❤

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