Hello Fall!

Fall has arrived and I can’t believe where the time has gone. I didn’t get half the stuff that I wanted to do for the summer done and now fall is here. A little disappointed but it’s okay because one of the things I like about fall is that it’s a brand new season and brand new beginning. I’m not going to dwell on what I didn’t do, but as I move forward I will make new plans on what I would like to do. Fall is always been one of my favorite time of the year because you physically see a change in the trees, change in flowers, and change in the weather. It’s visually pleasing to see Fall setting in especially living here in New York. Since I don’t live that far from the water the smells the coolness of the air feel soooo good. This is my first Fall season after starting my blog  in August.  I have so many ideas to write about and it gives me a chance to connect with you all and what changes are happening in my life. What new season is happening in your life? What change in your season resonates with you especially this fall? Typically in the fall we transition from Summer and that’s evident in the clothing that we wear with the extra few layers with a chill in the air. I wanted to share a few things that’s going on in my life this fall.

Happy 10th

First, it’s my baby boy, my only son, is turning 10. It’s such a big milestone for him entering into the double digits but my baby’s growing up and I’m planning a birthday party for him so maybe I will post about that later along with some pictures. We are doing a video game bus theme  because these kids are tech crazy. I am sure some of you parents, aunties, uncles, and grandparents can relate. My son is my second child so I get a little relaxed sometimes when it comes to things like this. I am also the second child, just like my son, so my parents didn’t always have all the baby pictures and things that my brother had. I promised myself that I wouldn’t do that to my children, but why am I falling into the same pattern. Why!!! Ok that’s another blog topic.

Next up, this fall  I am starting on creating my first video post. I will not let FEAR grip me.  I really don’t like speaking in front of people and I’m kind of a quiet person, okay not really but I’m not very talkative in crowds. So I am going to challenge myself. I am fearful because I don’t have the fancy equipment, lighting, and editing equipment. However, like I tell me children, if anyone else can do it, so can you.  I am inspired by other people  who do video’s and my takeaway from those I see on social media is to be like Nike and Just Do It! So before the fall is up you shall see a video post from me.

My dad just gave me an old camera, a Nikon D200, so look out for some amature photos. First, I have to lean how to work it. Now I am not knowledgeable about cameras or equipment at all, but I do know Nikon is a good brand. I don’t know how to work it but since it was gifted to me I’m going to make the best use out of it as possible. I’m going to be looking up tutorials,  reading the manual, and  taking a few pictures and maybe posting a few pictures on my Instagram and social media to see what your thoughts are. I may even take a online photography class or watch Youtube videos.

Fall is also a season where I get to prepared for the upcoming holiday season. I love love the Christmas holiday and Thanksgiving. It’s such a time to spend with family and friends eating, and sharing stories, and laughing.  Christmas time, too me, can be too commercialized, but Jesus is the reason of the season in my house. My husband thinks I’m crazy sometimes because as soon as Thanksgiving is over the holiday music goes on. Me and the kids come up with some traditions of our own, well my children came up with their own. My son and daughter building gingerbread houses, which ends up to be a messy gaudy mess, which they don’t even eat. They eat the candy and make a mess with the frosting, and guess who has to clean it up?  Yup me, but honestly it’s all worth it because I get a kick out of the two going back and forth. Next, they love to make hot chocolate or root beer floats while watching their favorite holiday movie. My all time favorite is A Christmas Story.  Ralphie!!!!! You’re shoot your eye out!!!. What is your favorite holiday music or movie?

Lastly this fall I also want to write about things that go on in my community I know that many of you don’t live in my community but it’s a way for me to bring a little piece of where I am from and  what’s going on to you.  I look forward to meeting new people, speaking to interesting people, and find out what makes my community great. So, I see the fall will be a busy season, so don’t forget to catch up with me on social media. Fall into a fabulous, fun, fresh, foliage season.




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