By now I am sure that if not some of you or all you have watched a very popular series on a major network in reference to a popular r&b singer . At the time that I’m writing this I’m watching the conclusion of the series. I am sickened, SICKENED, by what I have watched and what I have heard. Therefore I will not say his name because it’s not worthy of writing or repeating. Plus I don’t want anyone coming for me with any nonsense. Now before I go on, please note that these are my opinions and my opinions only. I have not seen a court case, I have not read any documents, and I don’t know any of the victims or survivors personally. I will say that I had been a fan for many years because I loved his music. I’ve danced at weddings with the songs, stepped in the name of love at parties, and sang the songs but now he will be wiped out of the playlist. Even now as I continue to write I’m listening to radio shows and looking at television programming with people’s opinions and peoples ideas on what and how this man was allowed to do what he did for many years. Well ! Let’s call it out and say that he continues to do now. I’m glad that when I watched the show there were not only first hand accounts to what this man was allowed to do, but they were also what I consider mental health professionals giving some clarity on these terms that people referred to this man by. So therefore I wanted to break them down but touch on some of the words that were used throughout the program. Since the title of this blog post is called Predator I’ll start there. These definitions were taken from an online sources so just Google it. Here we go with the craziness!!!!!!!!

Predator: a person who looks for other people in order to use, control, or harm them in some way. 

That’s exactly what he did with these young girls is that he preyed on the weak and the vulnerable. He hung around high schools and other places to prey on young girls. Now, I know there’s some arguments about these young girls seeking music careers and other things. Possibly monetary gifts,  fame, or big dreams.  If I can recall it was also mentioned that this predator will also prey on those he knew didn’t have any family support or those who families would not come looking for them. It was also apparent that this man manipulated all these women and girls it’s doing things that they would not normally do. He is a master manipulator. 

Manipulator is someone who skillfully controls and  takes advantage of for one’s own purpose. 

These girls minds where twisted even when you watch the documentary and you saw that many times they wanted to leave, left, and wanted to go back. Some even went back and left again. He made sure that through the use of manipulation these girls thought that they couldn’t do anything by themselves and definitely without his help.   

Pedophile is a  people who are sexually attracted to children. 

If you saw the show then you know the repeated narrative is that “oh I met him when I was” 14, 16, and 17. You saw the pattern even from way back in the day when he was befriending or dating or whatever he was doing with a very popular r&b singer who is no longer with us. This individual even married this young lady. Now before watching the show I’m aware of some of the history this person was accused of. However, I did not know that the sickness ran this deep. The predatory behavior, the pedophile that he is, and the people that helped this man, the people that turned a blind eye and saw that all this was going on at this time. No one did nothing to help or speak out. You know why because they were all on is payroll. 

Brainwashing is the process of pressuring someone into a adopting radical different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible means. 

You saw many of the young women who said that they must call this person daddy. I’m sure at first they thought it was cute and say okay that’s a language, or  term we use in our community with a significant other or an older significant other. Hey Daddy!!!!!!!  This was nothing but controlling behavior by using a psychological hold on these young girls. These women weren’t even allowed to speak to each other, couldn’t go to the bathroom when they wanted to, couldn’t eat when they wanted to, and  couldn’t leave the room when they wanted to. This is nothing but POWER AND CONTROL. Now I’m sure you thought ,why couldn’t these women just exit the room to use the bathroom or why couldn’t they just call their family members, why couldn’t they just go to refrigerator and eat something. Two words POWER and CONTROL.

Narcissist is a person who has excessive interest in or adoration of themselves. 

Now I know we know a few of these people and you say what’s wrong with believing in yourself or being overly confident, but the key word here is excessive. He definitely as a character trait with blurred boundaries or has violated boundaries. He definitely takes no responsibility in these acts and definitely lack of respect. Now please keep in mind that narcissist can be very charming and also have grandiose personality. If you watch the show then you know what I’m talking about. 

Sex Slave is a person who is forced to perform sexual acts and who is not free to leave the place where they’re being kept or to stop the work that they are being forced to do.  

I know there are many women who survived these situations and some are still currently living in it. If you know someone who is living in this situation give them the help they need. Sometimes all we need is someone with a sound mind to examine the situation. If someone is isolating you from your family who loves you and from the outside world it’s time to get out, it’s time to get help. I am aware that working with families and children who are victims of sexual abuse, trauma, domestic violence it’s not always easy to leave. But if you are able to and seek the help of outside resources please get out. 

Now before I end this post I am well aware that this person is not the first person who did this and there has been many people in the entertainment industry as well in our communities or families have done these things. But at what point do we say enough is enough. Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed. 


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